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Welcome to Flourish! Important Links

Welcome to Flourish & Blotts at hogwartsishome, a collection of member-owned graphics shops! You must join the community in order to see the graphics but even before that you should have been sorted at platform_934 and be a member of hogwartsishome!

Flourish mods for Term XLV are Evie | vowrawn & MC | inabsentialuci. They can be reached by PM, the mod account (flourish_mod) or the Flourish mod email.
Flourish's HiH Mod is Ing//xfortytwo.
Hogwarts is Home's Head mod is Sas//theaeblackthorn.

Term XLVI Suggestion Post

Anyone may run a shop (as long as their application is approved by the Flourish Mods). Anyone may order graphics. You don't have to just order from your own house - in fact, mingling with houses belonging to those outside your house is encouraged. You also don't need any knuts to order - it's free, so order as much as you'd like!

NEW: Flourish Shopkeepers earn a salary of 5 knuts per month!

o1. Please only order items you will actually use. Don't order things just to get house points.
o2. Be patient while waiting for your order to be filled. Remember that shop owners will only post deliveries once a week at most and that it may take some time to receive what you have ordered.
o3. Leave a comment for the shop owner letting them know you've picked up your order - it's only polite.
o4. Be polite when making requests and if you can't say something nice, just don't comment.
o5. You may not order more than 10 graphics per catalog per delivery. You may only have 1 order in the queue of any catalog at one time. If your order has been split, or your order does not exceed 10 graphics, additional orders may be placed with the shopkeeper's permission, as long as the total number of graphics ordered at one time does not exceed 10.
06. Members may not order sigtags/graphics for different sorting or land communities. The graphics Flourish offers need to stay within the realm of HiH or members' personal journals/sites [custom headers, banners, etc].

Shop Owner Rules:
If you would like to run a shop, you must first read the rules. All shop owners are expected to follow them.

Shop Application:
Feel you're ready for a shop? After you've read the rules, go here to apply!

FAQ/Comments/Questions/Suggestions Post:
Whether you're a customer or a shop owner, any questions or comments you may have should be directed to this post. (If you choose to though, you may also direct questions or concerns directly to the mods - information listed further below.)

The Flourish Directory:
This handy resource is a compilation of all the current Flourish shops. If you're looking for a certain fandom, or a smaller tag for SQ, or a tag to show off House Unity, come check out this spreadsheet that breaks down everything by shop.

Guide: Running a Flourish Shop:
So you've decided or are considering opening a shop here at hh_flourish, but you're not sure where to begin. This guide, written by your friendly term XXIV Flourish mod team, will tell you everything you need to know!

Official Hiatus Request Post:
If you're a shop owner who needs to take a hiatus longer than the inactivity period of 3 weeks' inactivity + 1 week's warning granted at Flourish, you need to discuss it with us first, so please do that here.

Shop Closing Post:
If you're a shop owner who wishes to close your shop, please comment to this post. It helps us to stay organized.

Banner Submission Post:
For shop owners. After shop (or shop name change) approval, owners should visit this post to submit a banner for the profile.

Daily Prophet Ads:
For shop owners. In addition to your banners for our user info, be sure to visit this post if you'd like the chance to be featured in the Daily Prophet!

Themed Tag Check Post:
For all shopkeepers. This post is a place for you to have your theme tags [meaning the Flourish monthly themes] checked, much like the Hogsmeade Tag check. If you'd like to verify that your themed tags are in fact themed, leave your questionable tags here! More details inside the post.

Monthly Themes Shop Highlights Credits

Each month we will have a special theme, which will then run for two months. This means every month will have two active themes. Any sigtags, etc., which fit the theme will be awarded one extra point per item as long as they are delivered while the theme is active.

➝ The theme for December/January is: Back to Nature
To qualify for this theme, tags must feature nature in all its beauty. Additionally, while you can have tags with animals in them, your tags must NOT have any visible humans!

➝ The theme for January/February is: A Decade Of Your Choice
To qualify for this theme, tags need to fit within a specific decade of your choice! Let us know your selection at the link!

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Slytherin: 448

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